Wrongful death refers to a person being killed because of no fault of his or her. These deaths bring in a catastrophe in the family because these are generally quite devastating. In such cases, the family members are unable to decide the right way to find justice for themselves and the family member they have lost. They may not be able to bring back the person, but they can easily gain peace of mind by punishing the person or persons responsible for such act. A wrongful death lawyer can help the family of the victim in getting their lawful money.


Whenever we lose someone who is near and dear to us, it becomes too painful for us; and if the death is caused due to someone else’s negligence it becomes more pathetic. The situation in which our beloved one meets a fatal end due to the fault of others, it becomes essential to file claim for wrongful death. The best person to help you out in this kind of a situation is a wrongful death lawyer.


The wrongful death cases are not easy to handle. In most of the cases, the person responsible for wrongful death or their insurance company tries to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out. Apart from that, they also have their defense counsel and corporate representing them; so the family of the wrongful death victim cannot easily get the compensation they deserve. Often family members of the victim try to take the cases in their hand and handle it, but most often than not, the insurance companies will take advantage of them by offering a very little money to settle the case. These wrongful deaths require an experienced, wrongful death lawyer who can present the case in the best possible manner.


The wrongful death lawyer in such cases needs to be aggressive yet compassionate. The wrongful death of the victim creates chaos in the life of the family members, so they generally go into depression. Moreover, many families face different types of financial hazards such as loss of wages, medical bills, burial and funeral expenses, loss of support, care, comfort, etc. This makes life difficult for them. The wrongful death lawyer understands the situation, and pursues the matter with utmost care. An aggressive wrongful death lawyer zealously pursues the matter and presents the clients. Although no money in the world will bring back the deceased, when the liable party pays for their negligence, it will provide a monetary relief while the survivors are going through hard times.


The wrongful death lawyer helps the family to get monetary compensation from all sources available to them. The different types of compensation may include the physical and mental agony, loss of earning capabilities for present and future, loss of parental guidance for the children and love for the spouse, medical bills and expenses incurred due to wrongful death. So, the family of a wrongful death victim can hire an experienced wrongful death lawyer who can present the case in the court of law and them with the case.


At Dansker & Aspromonte co-founded by Paul Dansker and Salvatore Aspromonte we have extensive experience handling wrongful death litigation for clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area. We understand the impact of your loss and are prepared to help you obtain the financial resources you need to make it through this difficult time.


Our New York Wrongful Death Attorneys can help surviving family members pursue compensation for:

  • Lost earnings of the decedent
  • Final medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of services (including household services, child care, tutelage and parental guidance)


Call (212) 732-2929 for free consultation today!

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