Essential Documents Discussed by Paul Dansker Needed for a Personal Injury Claim

When a person suffers an injury due to the negligent actions or inactions of another person(s) or entity, the victim has to not only deal with the physical and emotional trauma, but they also have to consider such costs as medical care expenses, loss of income, loss of future income, and ongoing medical care costs such as physical therapy. When in such a situation, victims will often consult with a personal injury lawyer to determine if they have a personal injury claim.

Personal injury claim
Personal injury claim

To determine if you have a case of negligence, there are a number of documents that will be required as well as important preparations. In addition, these documents will also be required for the actual personal injury lawsuit.

Mr. Paul Dansker says that depending on the circumstances of the event that resulted in the accident and the severity of the injury, you will have reports that will be needed by the personal injury lawyer for the case.


With a personal injury that occurred due to the negligence of another, there will be medical treatment which will vary according to the severity of the injury. Any medical expenses such as prescription costs, physician expenses, hospital stay, ambulance costs, therapy costs, long term medical costs, etc, will be needed for the personal injury case. As well, other medical paperwork and medical records such as physician notes, X-rays, CAT scan results, and any other medical evidence will help the personal injury lawyer determine the amount of compensation you deserve. Documentation of any pre-existing conditions must also be given to the personal injury lawyer as well as any medications that are not associated with the accident that you are currently taking.


When you meet with the personal injury lawyer, you will be asked lots of questions. Paul D Dansker suggests writing down some notes regarding the events surrounding the accident. Try to remember little details of the event. The situation surrounding the injury could impair a person’s capability to remember clearly so it is a good idea to think about what happened and make notes of things you remember. For instance, if you were in a car accident, how fast were you driving? Was it raining? Were you wearing your seatbelt? Had you consumed alcohol prior to the accident? You should also write down questions you want answered from the lawyer. You should ask about such things as: attorney fees, retainer, experience of the lawyer with personal injury cases, any specialized areas like yours, chances of a settlement, any specific information you may have to acquire for the injury claim. It is always beneficial to come prepared for a meeting with a personal injury lawyer.


Hiring a personal injury lawyer from Paul Dansker & Aspromonte Associates will greatly increase the chance of a successful personal injury claim. This firm has the lawyers who have the knowledge and experience to prepare a case so you will be assured your injury claim is being handled properly and you can then focus on your recovery.



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